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Rhythms of the City + 10 - F-IRECD 097 (2019)

London's baddest bateria is back after 10 years, with more carnival style mayhem feateuring multiple guests from Brazil, Cuba and elsewhere. Singers, drums, guitars, keyboards and horns getting hot 'n' heavy as ever, in both expected and unexpected ways. - Afrobeat, rnb, côco, funk, salsa, samba all presented with daring arrangements.



2 Zombie
3 Ritmos da Cidade
4 Nossa Quadrilha
5 Golden
6 Iko Iko - Clapping Song
7 El Cuarto da Tula
8 O Que Soubrou do Céu
9 Jack Soul Brasileiro
10 Rua da Passagem
11 Liberdade, Liberdade

Rhythms of the City - F-IRECD 026 (2007)

...It is truly a London thing: influences of many rhythmic communities of our capital represented in street sound – funk, reggae, motown anthems, classic sambas and even salsa!

...masterminded and arranged by chief F-IRE architect Barak Schmool, with originals flowing from the UK’s godfather of samba / master percussionist Bosco de Oliveira and underground Brit-hop sensation Mysdiggi. As if that was not enough, Australian Latin specialists Son Veneno guest on 5 tracks, Demus of 2 Banks of 4 mixes. World music from our doorstep.


El Preso

2 Riva
3 Ilu Ayê
4 Astral
5 Agunile Bonko
6 Rua Brasileira
7 Beco da Vida
9 R-E-S-P-E-C-T
10 Aldeia de Okarimbé


"ROTC, a careering, squeaking in-your-face mix that makes you proud to be a Londoner. Visionary stuff."
- Jane Cornwell, Songlines Magazine

"It's a stew alright, a fragrant and nourishing one packed with joyful melody and life affirming rhythm, with an authenticity all of its own."
- Chris May,

"There’s a celebratory spirit that kicks in at the start and never lets up"